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Best Ever Tip For Writing Blogs & Cold Emails

Posted on November 24, 2016


I hate cold calling, and I hate cold emailing. I even find writing a blog difficult. My solution is to;

"Write with one person in mind."

As I write this blog I’m trying to imagine you are the only person this blog was ever intended for and you are the only person that will ever read it. I picture my perfect customer and create an entire identity for them. It allows me to write to you on a much more personal level.

The tools and tips I write about on my blog I have chosen to write about because they address your frustrations and solve your problems.

It’s called a buyer persona and helps me write ad copy that speaks to my customers and cold emails that don’t sell but offer solutions.


What’s a Buyer Personas, and How Can It Help You

So How Do You Write Buyer Persona

You Can Use Personas For So Many Things


What’s a Buyer Persona, and How Can It Help You

It’s a fictional representation of your perfect customer.

Rather than;

SMB Owner - 25 - 45 lives in Greater Vancouver Area.

It is Peter.

Peter is a very experienced Digital Marketing Manager for Edmonton Airport. He has worked with the organization for 5 years. Having worked his way up through the organisation he has years of marketing experience.

He is 43 years old, married and he holidays in Hawaii. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Ice Hockey and playing badminton.

Peter spearheads the digital marketing across the organization. His core focus is improving customer journeys and user experience across he organisation.

He has multiple projects and deadlines on the go at once. 

He has to analyze the effectiveness of all the digital marketing efforts and adapt tactics and strategy accordingly.

He must also monitor and improve the return on investment for all digital marketing activities across multiple brands.

At the moment, Edmonton airport is going through a period of fast growth. Peter must rapidly expand his team's digital marketing capabilities and output.

Peter wants a strategic digital marketing agency that answers the phone when he calls. He needs them to think for themselves and tell him where the next opportunities are. He wants to relieve the pressure on the IT team and wants to go to the board and tell them year on year the sales are up and the costs are down.

So How Do You Write a Buyer Persona?

The best buyer personas are based on real research. Speak to your customers, find out who they are and why they love your products. Read competitor reviews and see what make their customers angry.

You could have one, two, or as many as 20 personas. I would start with four.

You Can Use Personas For So Many Things

1. Writing really personal compelling ad copy. Stop sending boring flat lead nurturing emails to everyone. Segment your audience into buyer personas and tailor your emails that person. A single mother running a busy law firm is going to have very different wants to a young tech entrepreneur in Silicone Valley.

2. Checking if you can be found on Google? Use your personas to search Google like a customer. Do they use mobile or desktop, what search queries do they use to find your products and services? How does your online reputation look to them? does your company appear in the results? Do you have Google Reviews?

3. Building a relationship with your customers. To engage with your customer on a personal level you need to deliver the right content, at the right time. Use your buyer persona to identify the content your customer needs and when they need it.

4. Conversion rate optimization. Design landing pages and carry out tests using your personas. What does each customer need to see on the landing page to reinforce your sales message?


There is a fantastic blog post on Buyer Personas by an SEO agency in Bristol. They have top tips, a big how to guide and some templates to get you started.

I want you to stop wasting money on stale, generic campaigns. Think about who you want to speak to and address them personally. Think about what they really need and how your product eases their pain. We cover a lot of this in our conversion rate optimization training. Alternatively, if you just have some question don't hesitate to call us or email.

Authored by Michael King

profile shot of Michael King

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